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Feature, Documentary
Demetrio Salvi
1,000 EUR

On the 4th of November, Maurizio Capone, along with his band, The BungtBangt, presented his new album, Mozzarella Nigga, in a Neapolitan club in Piazza Bellini. It took eight years to put together a story about nature, troubled reality, chances at redemption and, also, Neaples, with an unusual leading actor, out of the box, capable of creating impossible tools out of waste material.

Capone is a symbol of alternative music in Naples. His music is energy, is will to live. This new sound is becoming very popular. It’s a different idea of music. It comes from the street, it’s good…

And Naples, in comparison with the whole Italian situation, has got that healthy lunacy that makes it a rebel against all this general levelling.


Director Biography – Demetrio Salvi

Demetrio Salvi, born in Naples on Sept. 15, 1961, is a professor, documentary filmmaker, movie critic, screenwriter and director.

After collaborating with Cineforum, and after making several documentaries, he founded along with Federico Chiacchiari the magazine Sentieri selvaggi.

He is the head of the homonymous film scuola, where he keeps screenwriting courses. He published film textbooks, Scrivere e girare un cortometraggio, Sul dialogo, Insegnare cinema a scuola (Edizioni Sentieri selvaggi).

He directed the short reagire Marenero at the Torino Film Festival and Fuori di Qui (Out of Here), present at the Festival of Giffoni and always at the Torino Film Festival. He has just completed the movie Casting and the documentary Cibodamare.