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The fifth and last day of VI TUC

The fifth and last day of VI TUC

A passionate ending for and increasingly attentive and involved audience

The last film in competition, “The Benefit of the Doubt”, is going to be screened right before the closing ceremony of this sixth edition of the Torino Underground Cinefest, which will be presented by Chiara Francese, together with the journalist Annunziato Gentiluomo and the actor-dubber Fabrizio Odetto. Two short films and three feature films were on the schedule today March 28th at the Cinema Classico for the festival created and directed by Mauro Russo Rouge and organized by the associations SystemOut and ArtInMovimento. Among these, the short film “Il Tratto mancante” by Riccardo Roan, “Sex Cowboys” by Adriano Giotti and “The Benefit of the Doubt” by Samuel Tilman.

Three lively and engaging Q&As took place today. The first one with Riccardo Roan, director of “Il Tratto mancante”, and supervised by Fabrizio Odetto; the second with Adriano Giotti and Nataly Beck’s, respectively the director and the lead actress of “Sex Cowboys”; the last one, hosted by Giorgio Perno, had its protagonist in Samuel Tilman, director of “The Benefit of the Doubt”. “After five days, the audience has increased and felt confident enough to discuss with the authors, asking them more appropriate questions”, Gentiluomo, president of the Association ArtInMovimento affirms.

“Everything went well also today. The Award Ceremony will take place in a few minutes and the festival will then come to a conclusion. I’m already excited and also constantly consulting my two partners – Matteo Valier and Annunziato Gentiluomo – about the improvements that could be made for the seventh edition of the Torino Underground Cinefest, which will certainly last seven days”, the art direction Mauro Russo Rouge says.